The LG G5 is the first modular phone from the South Korean company, and it has all-metal design, meaning the substantial leaks we saw prior to MWC 2016were almost all true. That’s good news for anyone looking to upgrade their smartphone. Even though the LG G4 got a lot right, its design kept it from […]

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is finally official, and while we’d gleaned a fair amount of information about it in the lead-up to the launch, there are still a few surprises on offer. Those included an always-on display as well as some news on the internal storage of the phone. . Samsung also revealed the Galaxy […]

Apple this week revealed its Q1 2016 earnings, reporting record profits and an insane number of active devices. But one figure in particular stood out: 74.8 million iPhones sold. That figure is an improvement over the number of iPhones Apple sold this time last year—by about 300,000. Normally that would be cause for celebration, but […]

with the s7 coming out and there  being four models they may discontinue the note all together . the current note 5 has not been released in Europe so why jump one generation , the plus variant of the upcoming s7 will be similar to the note that would be released . may be there […]

the samsung galaxy alpha is in some ways a mini version of the galaxy note 4 althogh it douse not have the s pen. the alpha shares lots of features with the note but screen size is not one . with a 4.7 super amoled screen the phone is not big one thing it douse […]

although it is a slightly older phone the Samsung galaxy note is still newer then the iphone 6 plus . it is also more equipped with a multifunctional stylus and a 5.7inch super amoled pannel the note 4 is a very serious device .  the device comes with a removable battery and expandable storage however […]

it has been announced that the galaxy s7 is going to be unveiled on the 21st of February 2016 . it has been rumoured that the galaxy s7 will come in 4 models the s7                                         […]